What is Creative Kids?

Creative Kids provides funding for Saskatchewan children and youth to participate in creative activities such as art, music, dance, theatre, and culture.

We believe all children and youth should have the opportunity to participate in cultural and creative activities regardless of economic or social barriers.

Creative Kids funding is:

  • based on a family’s financial need
  • open to Saskatchewan residents
  • available for children ages 4 to 19
  • for activities that are primarily artistic and/or cultural

Creative Kids may provide up to $750 for a child’s activity. If an application is funded, Creative Kids pays the instructor or service provider directly.

Families can apply to their local Creative Kids committee at one of several application deadlines. (Application forms and deadlines are below.) 

What We Fund


Any kind of art classes or camps, including drawing, painting, sculpture, creative writing, photography and film-making. 


Any kind of dance- ballet, jazz, hip hop, for example, and traditional cultural dances as well. 


Theatre classes and camps of all sorts.


All types of music lessons, from weekly piano and guitar lessons, to music camps and First Nations drumming. 


Muticultural activities and heritage activities, including cultural cooking, dancing and fashion, museum camps, and traditional First Nations art.

We Don’t Fund


  • French or English classes.
  • Physical activity – Zumba, yoga, gymnastics, sports.
  • Recreation – 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, summer camps (except artistic and cultural camps)
  • Science-based activities
  • Lego camps
  • Art therapy
  • Activity that promotes definable religious or political viewpoints
  • Activity that focuses on technical skills like woodworking, sewing, or cooking unless the artistic or cultural aspects are the main focus. 

An activity must have a primary creative or cultural component. If you’re not sure your activity fits Creative Kids, please contact us.

Application Forms & Deadlines

  Choose your community to download an application form:

Click here to contact your local Creative Kids committee.

  2017 application deadlines:

  • January 27                       Ideal for February break
  • March 17                          Ideal for April break
  • June 9                               Ideal for summer activities
  • August 18                        For activities that begin in September and follow the school year
  • December 8                     For activities beginning in January

  We are not sure at the moment if there will be a September deadline. Plan to have any fall applications to us by   August 18.