Redline Harley Davidson Funds 154 Creative Kids


In 2014, Saskatoon Creative Kids had to decline 152 applicants due to lack of available funding. Redline Harley-Davidson (Rich and Simone Cote) didn’t like that, so they went about the business of fixing it. Their daughter is very involved in dance. Dance is a huge part of her life, and they see firsthand how much joy their daughter gets out dance and what a huge part of her life dance has been. They didn’t think it was fair she gets that chance and other kids don’t, just by the random chance of birth.

Simone and Rich Cote (owners of Redline Harley Davidson and Yorkton Harley Davidson), along with Kim Coates, decided they needed to raise enough money to make sure all Saskatoon kids had a chance to participate in creative activities, regardless of their financial situation. They didn’t want Creative Kids Saskatoon to have to decline anyone, so their first step was to give us a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle to raffle off. That raised $32,840. Then they worked a ridiculous amount of hours to host an entire weekend devoted to fundraising activities. Kim Coates flew in from LA, and together they spent the ENTIRE weekend managing meet and greets, special rides, cabaret parties, etc., in both Saskatoon and Yorkton. They barely even slept that weekend, and that includes their staff who were volunteering their time to help make all this happen. We just learned that the total raised from both the raffle and the fundraising events: $69,429.10!! Using our provincial average of $450/applicant, that means Saskatoon can now support an additional 154, two more than their goal of 152!

They saw a divide in the kids who had opportunities and the kids who didn’t, they had a chance to do something about it, so they did.

The world would be a much better place if there were more people like Simone, Rich and Kim. smile emoticon Thank-you to you all for being such a wonderful supporter of Creative Kids!!