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Become part of one of the most fun, creative and unique charities in Saskatchewan. In fact, we’re the first of our kind in the whole country!

You’ll be contributing to the present and future happiness of kids. Being able to act, sing, play the guitar, or paint can be a life-changing experience for a child who has never had the chance. Participating in arts and culture means kids spend their spare time in worthwhile ways that build self-esteem, confidence and leadership.

We believe we’re helping to build a wonderful, creative future for Saskatchewan. Join us!

You’ll find that we spend time getting to know you as a sponsor. We want to understand your community investment goals and how we can help. Count on us to find a creative way to involve you and recognize your contribution. After all, we are Creative Kids.

Contact our fundraising ambassador, Christie McCulloch for cool ideas about how to sponsor us.

"Hundreds of children have had the chance to explore, create and appreciate arts and culture thanks to Creative Kids. These experiences promotes personal growth and contribute to the richness of Saskatchewan’s communities – goals we believe in as community builders and as a Creative Kids leader."
Jan Belanger, Assistant Vice-President, Community Affairs Great-West Life, London Life, Canada Life

Sponsors & Partners

Our sponsors are passionate about their involvement with Creative Kids. Thanks to their generosity we’ve been able to help more than 7,320 kids experience culture and creativity in over 213 communities all over Saskatchewan.

Great West Life (with smaller logos under)

Our first and longest running corporate sponsor.


SaskCulture Inc.
Creative Kids is a program of SaskCulture Inc. The commitment of SaskCulture and its Board of Directors has ensured that Creative Kids has the appropriate resources and support to thrive as a sustainable provincial program. SaskCulture covers all administrative costs and is the largest financial contributor to the funding that is allocated to approved Creative Kids applicants. SaskCulture is a community-based, non-profit cultural organization. 


Give Kids a Chance Charity Inc.
Up to Sept. 30, 2016, Creative Kids operated under the umbrella of Give Kids a Chance Charity Inc., the same charity that operates KidSport™ in Saskatchewan. Running a charitable program is a big job, and we are thankful for the support offered by Give Kids a Chance.

Creative Kids Canada Inc. took over all charitable activity on Oct. 1, 2016. Creative Kids Charitable Number: 78725 7922 RR0001.


Saskatchewan Arts Board
Our partnership with Saskatchewan Arts Board gives us a bigger presence in Saskatoon, one of our most active communities. Tracy Chudy, Administrative Coordinator at the Saskatchewan Arts Board office on 24th Street, provides program support to us as an in-kind donation from the Saskatchewan Arts Board.

How We’re Funded

Our heartfelt thanks to the folks all over Saskatchewan who support us and fundraise on our behalf!

More than half of our funds come from corporate sponsorships. Some really successful events really boosted our reach in 2014 and early 2015 and we are continually grateful for Individual donors and third-party fundraisers. We feel the love Saskatchewan!

Creative Kids is a program of SaskCulture Inc., a community-based, non-profit cultural organization. SaskCulture provides all administrative funding to Creative Kids, so 100% of all donations and sponsorships go directly to our kids.

How We Started

Creative Kids is the first program of its kind in Canada. We are the brainchild of a group of long-time community volunteers who became our Provincial Advisory Committee. When funds remained from the 2007 Regina Mayor’s Arts and Business Awards, these volunteers suggested it become ‘seed money’ for a new program that would help kids experience arts and culture.

In 2010, Creative Kids received $230,000 from the 2010 Saskatchewan Legacy Fund, created when corporate and city partners joined the province to invest in the Saskatchewan pavilion at the 2010 Winter Olympics. With this one-time disbursement, Creative Kids began granting in its first year of operations.

"Creative Kids is about creating opportunities: opportunities to learn new skills, to take leadership, to socialize, to create, to grow. Participating in cultural activities as a child or youth has a huge, life-long impact in creating an identity and confidence. It is the diversity of identities and the community built through shared experiences that help to make a strong and resilient society.

Through your support, Creative Kids aims to remove barriers and create new opportunities to build community engagement for youth in Saskatchewan. It would be nothing without its amazing participants, nor could it be possible without the generous help of those who share its vision. On behalf of SaskCulture, I would like to thank everyone who contributed, in ways both great and small, to make this dream a reality."
James Ingold, Past President, SaskCulture Inc.


Grassroots donors are one of our largest groups of supporters. Creative Kids resonates with donors of all ages!

A four-year-old Regina girl asked birthday party guests to pledge to Creative Kids instead of bringing presents when she discovered other girls her age could not afford dance classes.

A Julie Andrews fan sent us a donation in honour of Ms. Andrew’s birthday. What a cool idea.

One woman remembers how important it was for her to learn how to draw and paint as a girl, so she donates each year to help kids who can’t afford supplies or lessons.

We received a donation of volunteerism from a man who remembers asking for a piano every Christmas as a boy. After he was grown up, his mom explained, “even if we had been able to buy a piano, we never could have afforded to pay for the lessons.”

Whatever your reasons for donating, we’re grateful!

Please consider making a monthly donation. You can donate online at our secure web page.

Thanks to the support of SaskCulture Inc., 100% of donations go directly to our kids and donations over $20 can receive a charitable donation tax receipt.