What is Creative Kids?

Creative Kids provides funding for Saskatchewan children and youth to participate in creative activities such as art, music, dance, theatre, and culture.

Creative Kids funding is:

  • based on a family’s financial need
  • open to Saskatchewan residents
  • available for children ages 4 to 19
  • for activities that are primarily artistic and/or cultural

Creative Kids may provide up to $750 for a child’s activity. If an application is funded, Creative Kids pays the instructor or service provider directly.

Families can apply to their local Creative Kids committee at one of several application deadlines. (Application forms and deadlines are below.) 

What We Fund

Creative Kids will consider funding applications for many kinds of art, music, dance, drama, heritage and cultural activities. A full list can be downloaded on the right. 

You can also browse a list of instructors and businesses in or near your town for ideas.  

Application Forms & Deadlines

Families may apply for up to $750 per child for the length of their activity. This amount resets every June 1.

  • For instance, Kylie would like to take a dance class from September 1 to June 15. Kylie could apply at the June or August deadline for each year's classes and the amount granted is for the whole September to June cycle.

If a class costs more than $750, Kylie might receive up to $750 for the entire dance season. The family would be responsible for any fees beyond the $750.

   2019 application deadlines:

    January 25                     For activities beginning in February, including February break
    March 22                          For activities beginning in April, including April break
    June 7                           For summer activities or early registration for fall activities
    August 16                       For activities that begin in September and follow the school year
    December 6                  For activities beginning in January 


Choose your community to download an application form:


    Click here to contact your local Creative Kids committee.

     Mailed applications must be received before the
     application deadline to be considered for funding. 

    Families will be notified of results within 30 days of an application deadline.